Dining on a Budget in Chicago


When it comes to dining out in Chicago, let’s face it. It can be pretty expensive. With the holidays approaching, you can certainly save money by choosing one of these budget-friendly restaurants near your Chicago apartment.



When you want a simple sandwich, head to Cafecito. Here you’ll find pressed Cuban sandwiches, salads, and some delicious platters. Don’t forget to top off a delicious meal with a cup of coffee and a side of dessert!



A nice bowl of pasta is exactly what you need to stay warm in the winter. Carmine’s features plenty of meat plates, pasta entrees, and other Italian dishes. They don’t skimp out on portions either so you’re sure to get your money’s worth.


Valois Restaurant

When you really need some good old-fashioned American food, head to Valois Restaurant. This local hotspot is known for its breakfast, so it’s the perfect way to start your day. It’s a cash only restaurant, so be sure to come prepared.