Fun Holiday Activities To Do At Home

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The holidays seem to come and go so quickly and trying to fit everything in might be a bit overwhelming to you. All the parades, parties, concerts and shopping is fun but can be tiring and lead you to want to just be at home enjoying the holidays too. Your home can bring you all the joy this season has to offer if you allow it to. Here are just a few ideas to get you started with some fun holiday activities to do right in the comfort of your home here at The Parker.

Play Christmas Music

What is it about Christmas music that can just help lift your mood? Find some of your favorite music and play it while you decorate your apartment, clean, fold laundry, cook, I mean you really can listen to music while you are doing almost anything. Adding in a Christmas playlist will help get you and your home in the holiday spirit. 

Bake Cookies

There is something nostalgic about the traditional Christmas cut out cookies that is hard to resist. There are hundreds of recipe variations for traditional Christmas cut out cookies. Some recipes are simple with just a few ingredients while others incorporate things like sour cream, find one that suits you.  If you aren’t into homemade dough you can buy already cut out cookies that you just need to take home, bake and decorate. The same is true for the frosting and decorations. Frosting is easy to make at home but can also be store bought, some are even colored already. Adding sprinkles is optional but really screams Christmas cookie if you ask me. 

Make A Gingerbread House

Another fun but kind of messy activity is making and decorating a gingerbread house. The smell alone is something that will get your home into the holiday spirit. Here again there are many gingerbread kits that can be found at almost any store. Buying some extra frosting and candy along with a gingerbread house kit will help you customize your decoration and give you some added color and flare. 

Enjoy Your Favorite Movie

“Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.” I am sure by now you have heard this quote a few times and it's all thanks to a wonderful holiday movie classic, It’s A Wonderful Life. There are so many Christmas or holiday movies for you to check out. Do a quick online search if you are unsure what you are in the mood for and you will get so many ideas. Also who doesn’t love a good Hallmark Christmas movie every once in a while too?

Holiday Spirit at Home

The Parker Fulton Market is the perfect space to call your home this Christmas. Have fun enjoying all the holiday at home activities while you enjoy living in luxury. 

Choose between one of our studio, one, two, or three bedroom apartments in Chicago, IL, and discover the stylish designs we have for you and what home for the holidays is all about. 

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